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Have you thought of what you would do if your possessions were stolen, damaged in a fire or flood, or suffered some other kind of calamity?

Most insurance companies require you to list everthing that was damaged or stolen.  Could you do that?

You can buy peace of mind for as litlle as $100 by hiring Athens Home Inventories to do a household inventory for you.

There are all kinds of home inventory checklists online, but the truth is that almost no one uses them.  Some people start an inventory list or do a video, but don't finish.

Having a home inventory done before you suffer a loss will save you sanity, stress, and time if you do experience a loss.  You can't put a price on these factors, but they will be significant if you need to identify everything after a loss.

A Home Inventory is also a useful Estate Planning Document.  You will know what you have and can designate who will receive your belongings upon your death.


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